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Data rental usage rules

Data rental usage rules

▼ Please be sure to check before using.
In addition to photographs, “image works” here include illustrations and CG reproductions.


◆ About lending works ◆


Please note that the rental of works is intended for customers who have the purpose of using media such as publishing and advertising.
The period for considering the works to be rented is two weeks.
Late fees will be charged after the deadline.
If you do not plan to use it, please return it immediately.
Use that damages the rights of the work (photographer, illustration creator (copyright holder)) is not permitted.
For example, prior consent is required to synthesize and change colors of works.
Some works cannot be used without the credit of the provider.
Please check in advance.


◆ Usage rules for lending works ◆

In addition to photographs, “image works” here include illustrations and CG reproductions.
Please check the following usage rules before use.


1. About lending
The work is rented only to those who have the purpose of use such as printing, publishing, advertising, reproduction, etc., and is not sold.
Please note that the same work as the one you want to use has already been used by other companies and will be used in the future.
The use of the work is limited to Japan.
2. About usage fee
The usage fee for the work is a one-time fee for the purpose of use (1 company, 1 issue, 1 type, 1 edition). A declaration is required to divert or reuse the used work for multiple purposes (valid for one year).
3. Payment method / cancellation
Please pay by bank transfer within 60 days from the billing date. Cancellation after issuance of the invoice is within 10 days (30% of the invoice amount is a fee), after which the full amount will be charged.
4. About penalties

Unauthorized use compensation fee
Use without prior permission or use by false application will be considered as fraudulent use and a penalty will be charged.
(5 times the applicable usage fee)
5. About other confirmation items
We do not have model lease trademark rights, copyrights, or usage rights related to people, goods, buildings, places, etc. included in the work. Please contact us if you need to confirm the acquisition of these permits. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises due to unauthorized use, we will not take any responsibility.
About digital data
Please report in writing about the return (erasure) of used digital data.
About credit
Please specify “Writer’s name / Atlas Photo Bank” on the print / publication and online screen.
Depending on the photographer and work, you may be charged a special surcharge, or you may not be able to use it for political groups or religious affairs.
About captions / titles
The description of the work is carefully described, but please check again depending on the purpose of use.
Provision of publications
Please provide two copies or a copy of the copy / publication of the work used.
Exclusive use right
As a general rule, the work is non-exclusive use. If you wish to use it exclusively, you will need to make a separate contract.
About personal use
If you would like a work for personal viewing, please contact us for a separate quote.
6. Trouble solving
Any troubles related to the above items shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the location of our company.


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