Name Shigemi Numazawa

Astronomy photographer.
Astronomy/space illustrator.
Born in 1958 in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.
Spent his childhood in the beautiful, unspoiled countryside
of that region where the stars shine brilliantly.
In 1984 established the Japan Planetarium Laboratory and subsequently engaged in wide-ranging studies related to astronomy and outer space.
His extraordinarily realistic illustrations have gained him praise at home and overseas for their scientific accuracy.
Numazawa’s works have been exhibited in New York and he designed a poster for the film Star Trek.
In pursuit of astronomical phenomena on the earth, he actively shoots and interviews all over the world, and publishes the mysteries of nature on television and in publications.
In addition, he has been involved in the planning and operation of the “TAINAI Star Festival” that has been held every summer since 1984, and is now attracting the attention of many astronomical fans as the world’s largest “astronomical festival”.




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